Makeup Artist Specialist: Classification of Instructional Program (CIP Code 12.0406)

The curriculum involves 720 hours.  It also includes 180 course prep hours to be completed outside the classroom. The program prepares individuals to professionally apply cosmetic makeup preparations and perform complete and specialized appearance makeovers including hairdressing, wig work, masking, temporary prosthesis applications, cosmetic applications, and related costuming for leisure or for professional stage, camera, clinical, or security purposes. Includes instruction in period and contemporary hair styling and costuming; wig work and hairpiece application; synthetic hair and masks; cosmetic preparations and treatments; makeup artistry; attachment, removal, and camouflaging of prostheses; health and safety; client consultation and care; pre and post-production operations; set and crew conduct and relations; script, instruction, and prescription interpretation; labor relations; and business practices.


Students are prepared to be an entry level makeup artist.